Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Project #2: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

 Book Project #2
Bryce Laraya

In the book Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the genre is action. This book has more than one theme. Some of the themes are destiny and responsibility, courage, loyalty, trust and betrayal. It shows destiny and responsibility by telling us that Percy has to go and get the lightning rod back from Luke. It shows courage because Percy had to go on a journey to get the lightning rod back with his friends. It shows loyalty because in the end Percy went to Zeus and told him that Luke stole the lightning rod from him. It shows trust because Percy trusted his friends enough to let them go with him. Last but not least there are signs of betrayal because Percy thinks Luke is his friend but he turned out to be the one that stole the lightning rod so they have to fight to get the rod back. Rick Riordan portrays the theme by taking the reader on the adventure Percy Jackson is on and he portrays the theme through the events he puts into the story.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Boy Who Cried Video Games

The Boy Who Cried Video Games

    There once was a little boy who was bored as he sat playing video games in his futuristic room. To entertain himself he drew in a big breath and yelled “DAD MY VIDEO GAME IS BROKEN!”. His dad comes upstairs  with an angry facial expression to see that it is not broken. The little boy’s father tells him “Don’t yell for me if your video game isn’t really broken.” as his dad walked back down stairs.

    The boy yelled once again “DAD MY VIDEO GAME IS BROKEN!”. The boy’s father comes back upstairs once again to see that it is not broken.

    The Dad says “ Don’t call me unless IT’S ACTUALLY BROKEN.” as he leaves the room. This time the little boy’s video game is actually broken. 

    He yells “DAD MY VIDEO GAME IS BROKEN!”. His dad ignores him for about 30 minutes and then he goes upstairs to see if the little boy wanted to go play catch outside.

He comes into the room and says “Hey sport wanna go play…” and pauses as he sees his son crying on the ground, “Hey buddy what’s wrong?”. 

The little boy told his dad with a sad expression on his face " . His father says “It’s okay, how about we go get some ice cream and I'll buy you a new one.” They get in the car and drive to the ice cream parlor.

On the way back the little boy’s mom says “Nobody believes a liar… even when he’s telling the truth.”

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Pearl

      In the story The Pearl by John Steinback the theme of the story is that you should never change who you are just because of something that is worth a lot of money. In the beginning of  The Pearl Kino is very happy without the pearl. When he finds the pearl he changes, Kino goes from being very happy to very suspicious and very greedy. We know this because without the pearl Kino was very happy in his home on a usual morning. When Kino finds the pearl he becomes very angry and very timid. We know this because Juana goes to throw the pearl back into the ocean and Kino catches her and hits her in the face and kicks her.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Breathe You In

We Breathe You In Response

       I think that the authors purpose was to inform us about 9/11 and that the people that died are in a part of us in some way. The tone is very tranquil and peaceful. The tone is tranquil because it lets us know that there are still people that died on 9/11 with us & watching over us. It is very peaceful because it has a nice and peaceful tone to it. I think this because of the way the author writes, it is very respectful. I thought it was very touching and affectionate.